Specialized Transportation

As specialized as specialized gets

Your specialized freight is no problem for D’Alliance. Whether you need flatbed, intermodal, refrigerated or hazardous materials (Hazmat) certified equipment and personnel, we can deliver. Our specialized division takes advantage of our own asset-based equipment and partner carriers to ensure Canadian coverage for your specialized freight.

Small package service

Enjoy small package service that delivers expedited, time-critical moves across town or across the country by road and air transport. Our extensive partner network provides better rates from strong contracts with deep discounts.

The benefits of D’Alliance specialized service:

  • Wide range of equipment types (flatbed, intermodal, refrigerated, hazardous materials)
  • Cross-border experts
  • Partner carrier relationships
  • We own the Great Lakes!

Dedicated Fleets

Outsource Your Fleet to D’Alliance Motors

Our beginnings, as the dedicated fleet for Sears in Canada, have prepared us well to apply these same skills to manage your private fleet requirements. Just-in-time deliveries, staffing challenges, equipment maintenance, insurance, scheduling, capital expenditures for trucks, trailers and shunting equipment…is this where you want to spend your attention and resources? Fleet management is what we do. It’s who we are and we do it well.

It’s a Model that Works

Outsourcing your fleet requirements to D’Alliance Motors can drive greater efficiency into your supply chain. We can measure it. We can manage it and the bottom line is where we can be more cost effective at it than you. Your trailers are still branded with your message. And in many cases we can arrange to take over existing equipment and staffing resources. We can make life easier for you, reduce costs and improve performance. It’s a trend in the marketplace that you should consider and we hope you will consider the professional team at D’Alliance Motors to discover just how simple it is to transition to the dedicated fleet model.

LTL Express

Crossborder LTL Express Service

Connecting the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with the Continental USA

D’Alliance Motors is proud to announce an expansion of our exciting pallet program that delivers second day LTL service to and from Canadian states.

With unbeatable coverage and service levels, your LTL shipments are delivered super quick at a super price.

How do we do it?

We consolidate your daily LTL requirements with our other southbound customers and feed it into our two hubs, domestic Canadian network, depending on the delivery point. With comprehensive coverage of thousands of destinations you get premium LTL service from one of Canada´s top ten carriers. We use the same terminal network plus additional resources for your northbound requirements back to the GTA.

Key benefits include:

  • Exceptional transit times and minimal handling
  • Real time visibility on all shipments tendered with D’Alliance Motors Cross-border LTL Express
  • Handled with care and delivered on time throughout the Continental USA
  • Additional coverage for your truckload requirements

Try it now and you´ll see why our customers love our Cross-border LTL Express offering… you can´t beat the service, the coverage or the value.

Existing customers, please contact your local D’Alliance Motors Regional Account Manager. New customers, please email our customer service representatives or give us a call!

Cross-border Truckload

Daily Schedules to and From the USA

Equal in importance to our domestic operations, our cross-border expertise takes us North America wide. The bulk of our customers tend to be between Ontario and Quebec centres and the U.S. states east of the Mississippi. Our reach extends to every corner of the continental USA and we use a combination of our fleet and our freight management arm to handle our customers’ complete requirements.

Truckload Services

Our specialization, like Canada, is the truckload transport of dry goods with our modern fleet of 53′ tandem vans. Our modern fleet is equipped with the latest satellite technology including individual untethered satellite trailer tracking for improved freight management and load security. Our safety and on time performance record are second to none.

Participants in All Homeland Security Programs

ACE – Automated Commercial Environment
C-TPAT – Customs-Trade Partners Against Terrorism

Canadian Truckload

Our 13 terminal network, extensive fleet, and consistent rating as one of Canada’s top for hire carriers are just a few of the reasons D’Alliance Motors is a great choice for your Canadian truckload requirements.

Key market coverage includes truckload transport between points in Ontario & Quebec, Western Canada and Intra west services. Equipment types are extensive and our well-maintained fleet and award-winning drivers round out our offering.

The Capacity You Need

Whether you need to arrange the transport of one load or a hundred, D’Alliance Motors has the capacity to meet your requirements. If not with our own fleet we have the added resources of our freight management specialists to handle unexpected peaks in your activity.

Specialized Transportation Services

Our specialty is the transport of dry goods with our fleet of satellite tracked 53′ tandem vans that span the country. Other features include:

  • Retail appointments
  • Tail gate deliveries
  • Online track and trace
  • Dangerous goods
  • Expedited freight
  • Heated and refrigerated transport

Short-term warehousing

Short-term warehousing

Our 21,000 square foot warehousing facility built right in the heart of Mississauga, Ontario, gives us a strategic advantage of Accessibility and convenience to Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and the eastern U.S. seaboard easily. With our efficient cross-docking and warehousing team, we can arrange complete managed services which include staging, distribution, consolidation and even provide innovative fulfillment and co-packing for short term.

We arrange a total logistics service for staging, warehousing, distribution and even provide innovative fulfillment and co-packing solutions for short term.

Solutions we offer

  • Economical Pick and Pack Rates.
  • Labeling.
  • Packaging and Skidding.
  • Auto Shipping and Tracking.
  • Returns and Batch Recalls.

Specialized services

  • Temperature controlled
  • Humidity controlled
  • Chemical warehousing
  • Refrigerated warehousing

Distribution Services

  • Packaging
  • Pick and Pack
  • Reverse Logistics