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Outsource Your Fleet to D’Alliance Motors

Our beginnings, as the dedicated fleet for Sears in Canada, have prepared us well to apply these same skills to manage your private fleet requirements. Just-in-time deliveries, staffing challenges, equipment maintenance, insurance, scheduling, capital expenditures for trucks, trailers and shunting equipment…is this where you want to spend your attention and resources? Fleet management is what we do. It’s who we are and we do it well.

It’s a Model that Works

Outsourcing your fleet requirements to D’Alliance Motors can drive greater efficiency into your supply chain. We can measure it. We can manage it and the bottom line is where we can be more cost effective at it than you. Your trailers are still branded with your message. And in many cases we can arrange to take over existing equipment and staffing resources. We can make life easier for you, reduce costs and improve performance. It’s a trend in the marketplace that you should consider and we hope you will consider the professional team at D’Alliance Motors to discover just how simple it is to transition to the dedicated fleet model.

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