Multiple Temperature Trailer

Want to transport multiple products with different temperature requirements?

Dalliance Motors’s Multi-Temp trailers support 3 separate temperature zones, and a variety of frozen and fresh product configurations for multi-stop distribution. Dalliance Motors is proud to support your needs with the newest Multi-Temp refrigerated trailer rental fleet in CA, USA.

For products requiring one temperature setting, Dalliance Motors has a fleet of single-temperature refrigerated trailers ready for your Over-The-Road or Storage needs.

Our multiple temperature trailers can be used for a variety of applications and products including: Grocery Distribution, Cold Storage, Frozen Foods, Pharmaceuticals, Produce, Seafood, Dairy, Cut Flowers, and more!

  • Thermo-King Refrigeration Units
  • Flat Floors
  • Air Ride suspension
  • Roll Up Doors
  • Side Door with Steps
  • Bulkheads
  • All trailers are CARB compliant!

Our Multi-temp refrigerated trailers are used for a variety of applications and products including: Food Service Distribution, Grocery, Fresh Foods, Frozen Foods, Event Catering, and more!

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